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Bio Slim 1oz

Used for: Weight control, Influence weight loss, and may help refine muscle tone.

Suggested Use: Take 1 Dropper Full ½ hour before each meal.


Please always consult a duly licensed and qualified physician for any condition that logically requires their services. This “Product Descriptions is not intended as a substitute for proper medical care and is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body. It is advised to consult with your licensed medical doctor before adding or removing supplements from the diet, as there may be interactions with items exclusive to you such as prescribed medications or pre-existing conditions.

These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This content is not intended to prevent, diagnose or cure any disease or illness and is provided solely as a courtesy to the reader to describe what the product may help with.


Natural Vegetable, Glycerine USP is a preserving agent that is used instead of Alcohol. This product is derived from plants and can be taken by people who do not wish to ingest alcohol when taking their herbal supplements. Natural vegetable glycerin is very sweet and although it is considered a carbohydrate it does not have a large effect on blood sugar so it can still be used by people who need to use insulin. Glycerine is also said to be the only safe sweetener for patients who suffer from Candida (yeast infections) which, thrives on normal sugars. Natural vegetable glycerin is a solvent and is used to pull the compounds from a plant when making herbal extracts. Glycerine holds these plant compounds in a stable state so we can ingest them and get the benefits from the herbal extracts. Glycerine is becoming sought after by athletes because it is said to increase blood volume in the body and regulate temperatures when exercising. Glycerine supplements are believed to Improve how the body performs in high temperatures by delaying dehydration. This supplement could perhaps give the leading edge to athletes in competition. Referenced from: (2011-10-14)

Monoatomic Proprietary Blend. This is a special blend of vary rare earth minerals that only Bio Life Energy Systems offers in their products. This Monatomic Blend is a 1 atom blend that helps every product it is combined with to reach deep into the cells of the body and deliver nutrition and balance to the entire body bringing a level of health that is unprecedented in herb and vitamin products on the market today.

Acai Berry, Is an inch long fruit that comes from a palm tree in central and South America. The berry is believed to have antioxidant properties and is being closely studied to see if it could help with cancer and heart disease. Some studies show that the Acai Berry may have more antioxidant content than even cranberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, or blueberry. Cosmetic companies are now starting to use Acai berry oil in their products because the antioxidant properties are believed to be beneficial even when applied directly to the skin. Often Acai Berries are now found in weight loss formulas. The reason fro this is because they are said to increase energy, improve digestion, aid in better sleep, detoxify the body, enhance mental health, improve circulation and heart health. The Acai berry is considered a super food because it has such high nutrition content. Referenced from:

Kelp and other seaweeds rich in iodine and other nutrients are used to suppress the thyroid’s ability to absorb radioactive iodine, thus potentially preventing the organ from being injured by the harmful effects of radiation. Kelp is extremely healthy for the human body because it absorbs iodine from seawater; it also takes in an enormous volume of essential nutrients. By taking this sea vegetable you can delivers all of its nutrients directly to your body. These nutrients include protein, essential fatty acid, carbohydrates, fiber, trace elements, sodium and potassium salts, and a variety of other chemicals, such as alginic acid. In addition to all of this, the trace mineral content of kelp is among the highest of any known single source. People at risk of cancer from radioactive sources and other thyroid disorders may very well benefit from taking kelp. Specialists are saying that using iodine tablets and other forms of natural iodine allows your thyroid to absorb the needed iodine instead of the iodine, which is from the radiation sources, which cause cancers. Another good reason to add kelp to your diet is found in past cultural studies. They show that a diet rich in kelp seems to be linked to a lower breast cancer rate. Anything that has a positive affect when cancer is concerned is worth a closer look. You can get all of these nutrients in one supplement. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Other bodily issues that seem to be helped by the consumption of kelp include: Breast cancer, obesity, heart disease, rheumatism, arthritis, blood pressure, thyroid diseases, constipation, intestinal ailments, infectious disease, nervous system, and cellulite. Referenced from: Updated 1 November 2011 at 00:40.

Capsicum, is also known as cayenne, a versatile plant with many different uses. It should be kept in everyone’s medicine cabinet and in the spice cabinet. This herb has long been regarded as one of the most valuable herbs ever grown. What is it that makes capsicum such a great herb? When it comes to your heart capsicum is a must have for awesome function and great circulation. Capsicum also increases the effectiveness of other herbs when they are taken together. As an aid to weight loss, a study in the Netherlands, conducted in 2005 and published in the “International Journal of Obesity” found that when their subjects took capsicum with meals it decreased their appetites, and increased their energy levels for longer periods of time. Most people do not worry about their heart or any other part of their body for that matter, until it starts to plague them. This is understandable because why fix something that isn’t broken? But you can’t see the job that your heart and other organs do all day, everyday. What are you giving your internal body to ensure it will be strong and healthy and help you live a long life? Capsicum should be an herb you have on hand for daily use. A little capsicum goes a long way and you are giving your heart and circulatory system a boost. Capsicum is high in Vitamins A and C and has the complete B-Complex as well as calcium and potassium. Capsicum is great for your digestive system and aids in rebuilding the tissue in your stomach. It also helps your intestines work by helping more blood flow into the digestive areas. Capsicum helps get nutrients to all parts of your body through the digestive process. Through digestion your body breaks down food and pulls out the nutrients that are then delivered to the rest of your body through the blood stream. The veins in your body are basically feeding tubes and they are carrying nutrition to your brain, organs, glands, muscles and well every other part that makes up your human body. Digestion keeps you alive and capsicum helps that process. “Cayenne has been known to help with heart attacks within moments. For example, when a 90- year-old man in Oregon had a severe heart attack, his daughter was able to get Cayenne extract into his mouth. He was pronounced dead by the medics, but within a few minutes, he regained consciousness. On the way to the hospital, he remained in a semi-conscious state, but the daughter kept giving him the Cayenne extract. By the time they got to the hospital, he had fully recovered his consciousness and wanted to go home to mow the lawn. The doctor asked what she had given him, as he said it was the closest thing to a miracle he had ever seen.”,– 000230.htm,,

Dandelion, has been used for centuries to treat liver, gall bladder, and kidney ailments, weak digestion, and rheumatism. It is a leafy green plant with a large yellow flowering head atop a thin stem. Most people now recognized this plant as a weed but it hold many nutrition properties when consumed. (Do not eat any dandelion plants that have been treated with pesticides or week killer.) In Europe, the dandelion plant is being used as a diuretic and a way to combat potassium loss from frequent urination. He plant is also known to stimulate bile production therefore aiding in digestion. Referenced from:

Burdock, Is a blood cleanser. It is often used to help detoxify the body especially when illness has been present. Historically the was used to treat gout by mixing the seeds into an extract or poultice for treating gout, arthritis, rheumatism, ulcers, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Its cancer-curing properties were also utilized in Russia and India. People in china used Burdock as an aphrodisiac and to deal with impotence. The plant has traditionally been eaten as a vegetable an in some parts of the world this is still considered just another food. It contains many beneficial nutrients like iron, insulin and natural oils. Burdock as an herb is also used as a gentle laxative and help eradicate uric acid. Referenced from:

Pomegranate, is a fruit that contains an amazing amount of antioxidants and healing properties. It is thought by some experts to be a key ingredient, (though further studies are needed) in the prevention of terminal diseases like leukemia, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. Pomegranate juice is said to be an easy way to aid in the lowering of cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. It is even said to possibly help reduce the risk of stroke and its healthy for your heart. This small fruit is able to provide a ton of healthy healing through its tiny nutrition packed seeds, which contain juice. Referenced from: http://www.amazing-pomegranate-health-



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